Home Blood Pressure Readings

It is generally recommended that patients over the age of 45 routinely check their blood pressure.  

Most of our patients, who are visiting the surgery for other reasons, will get their blood pressure checked while with us and these adhoc readings are sufficient to highlight any concerns. However, if you are fit and well and not visiting the surgery it may also be beneficial to periodically check your blood pressure at home.

Some of our patients, with underlying health conditions, are routinely called into the practice to have their blood pressure checked. These patients may also prefer to carry out routine checks at home.

For many people coming to the surgery is not always necessary. Indeed for some, coming to surgery can trigger “white coat syndrome” i.e. where an otherwise fit and well patient gets an abnormally high blood pressure reading “just” because the test is carried out in the practice.

For this reason, and at the recommendation of our Patient Participation Group, the practice has negotiated a discounted price for blood pressure monitoring machines via one of our clinical suppliers. If patients wish to order this device for use at home Stony Medical Centre would be happy to give patients access to our discount.

Patients will need to pay the practice upfront for the cost of the device, the surgery will then order a device from our supplier and (usually within 3-5 days) the device will be available for collection from the practice.

We have a blood pressure recording template that we would encourage all patients to complete (please follow link below to download the template). Once you have completed the blood pressure recording template please hand it in to the practice for review by your registered doctor. If your recordings are satisfactory they will simply be noted within your medical records. If your recordings give any cause for concern/require further investigation, you will be contacted by the practice and a follow up will be arranged.

If any patient already has a blood pressure monitoring device at home they can of course download our blood pressure recording template and complete it.

Likewise if you can source an alternative device from another supplier please feel free to do so and also please feel free to download and complete our blood pressure recording template.