NHS Cervical Screening Scam 



Public Health England report today (Fri 15 May 2020) of a possible scam. Some women are being contacted by text message with the sender claiming to be from the cervical screening call and recall service. The message asks them to call a mobile number and provide personal details.


This message is NOT from the Cervical Screening Programme.  Be advised to not respond.


15 May 2020

Entering Stony Medical Centre


Anyone entering Stony Medical Centre is asked to wear a face covering and use hand sanitizing gel.


Also, please be advised that everyone will have their temperature checked and if your temperate is raised you will be asked to leave the building without attending your appointment.  


May 2020

Klinik - a new way to communicate with us

On Wednesday 17 June, we launch a new way of accessing care and support from the Stony Medical Centre team.

GP Practices have been asked by NHS England to provide a Total Triage service to patients; this means all patients will receive the same service whether they contact us online, on the telephone or in person.

Using our new tool, Klinik, patients will be able to ask questions, report symptoms, submit an administrative request and discuss other information. We will triage all your requests and respond within a stated timeframe.

We will respond to you electronically, on the telephone, by video consultation or face to face.  Your needs will be met by the most appropriate person from within the practice team.

We believe that, with your support, we can protect the future of general practice by delivering services differently.  We believe Klinik is the next step to create that secure future.

12 June 2020

New Website

Welcome to our new website.

We hope you find this new website much easier to navigate from tablets and smartphones.  Our old website served us well, but was best suited to view from a desktop.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or stumble across an error please do let us know, otherwise we hope you enjoy this new way of engaging with us.

12 June 2020