Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

The NHS provides free health care for most people.

It is important to understand that GPs are self employed and not all of the services we provide are covered by the NHS payments to the practice.

Please expect a fee for non NHS services. The staff or your doctor should inform of any charges before carrying out non NHS work.

We also offer private medicals which may be needed by any agency such as your employer or for overseas visa applications. Please contact the Practice Manager for further details.

Fees for Non NHS Services

Certificates and Assessments


Road Traffic Accident Report

In line with the Road Traffics Act, if your GP is the first clinician to see you after a Road Traffic Accident you will be charged as follows: £25 for the first 10 minutes then £25 for every 10 minutes or part of after that.  This is reclaimable from any insurance claim you may make following the accident.


Pre-employment medical


HGV, PSV, taxi driver examination


Elderly driver fitness examination


Racing driver, etc. fitness certificate


Fitness to attend – medical & report (e.g.: sports, school etc)


Fitness to attend – report only (e.g.: sports, school etc)


 Private Medical Certificate/Sick Note/Vaccination certificate


Mental capacity certificate with medical

Charge made per hour of GP time. This will inc. travel, consultation and time to complete the report. (NB: Usual time taken 1.5 hours per patient).


£85.00 per hour

Holiday Documents


Visa application Medical. 

Charge per 30 minutes of GP time with minimum charge for 30 minutes of time. (NB: Usual time taken is 30 minutes).


Visa application Report.

Charge per 15 minutes of GP time with minimum charge for 15 minutes of time. (NB: Usual time taken is 15 minutes).


Cancellation certificate (Holiday insurance)


Insurance claims (BUPA, PPP, School Fees etc)


Employer’s Reports (no examination, inc records extract)

From £65.00

 Private Medical Certificate/Sick Note/Vaccination certificate


Private Patients


Per hour


20 minutes


Private prescription


Please note the cost of medication is payable at & to the Pharmacy/Chemist and is in addition to the cost of the private prescription. 

You may wish to check the cost of the medication before requesting your private prescription. 

You may also wish to check the cost of the medication with more than one pharmacy.


 Copies of Records / Notes


 Photocopy of medical records


 Photocopy of medical records - relevant sections only.  Up to 10 pages.


 Medical History – Short (report from clinical database)


Medical History – Long - relevant sections only.    More than 5 pages, including test results & consultations (report from clinical database)


Letters and Reports


Misc “To Whom it may concern” Letter

from £15.00

 Medical questionnaire for reasons other than insurance reports