Minor Injuries Service

Stony Medical Centre has commissioned to deliver a Minor Injuries Service to our patients.

Over recent years A&E departments have seen an unmanageable increase in demand.  In response we have identified a number of minor injuries that we can deal with and which do not need to attend A&E.

We are pleased to offer this additional service to our patients and support our hospital colleagues by reducing A&E attendances.

The following list gives guidance on the types of injuries and circumstances that could be dealt with in general practice:

  • Lacerations capable of closure by simple techniques (stripping, gluing, suturing)
  • Significant soft tissue injury
  • Minor dislocations of phalanges
  • Foreign bodies
  • Following a blow to the head where there has been no loss of consciousness
  • Partial thickness burns or scalds involving broken skin but where the burn is not extensive
  • Foreign bodies superficially embedded in tissue
  • Minor trauma to hands, limbs or feet
  • Bruising giving cause for concern

If you have a minor injury please contact the surgery.  You will be assessed and, where appropriate, an appointment will be made. 

Minor ailments and injuries are dealt with by our Allied Health Professionals (AHP).  Our AHP will have support from the on call doctor if needed. 

It may be that, following an assessment, an onwards referral to the hospital is still required however we will endeavour to accommodate you and deal with your needs in just one visit to the practice.